2017 - 2020

Animax Designs is a creative robotics fabrication firm known for creating animatronic characters utilizing cutting-edge technology and craftsmanship. Animax serves some of the largest operators in the world of themed entertainment, live attractions, and location-based entertainment.

Responsibilities Included:

Oversaw numerous aspects of both internal and external documentation. Duties began on the kickoff of a project, managing the in-house engineering/fabrication departments' documentation process, delegating needed coordination, maintaining quality control, and then writing/updating the final record. This work continued throughout the entire build, maintaining written and chronological photo/video documentation of builds as part of the progress reports, documentation deliverables and concluded with the production of comprehensive operations and maintenance manuals.

Additional responsibilities:

  • Developed client-facing presentations and status reports illustrating weekly, monthly, and project phase-based development.

  • Lead the documentation quality assurance program. All project-based documentation had to pass through quality control before being released to clients to ensure that everything was run in compliance with the companies' and client's requirements.

  • Ensured documents, updates, and plans were thorough, up-to-date, organized, and stored appropriately in the project folder on the company server/SharePoint throughout the project's duration.

  • Assisted the project management team in developing project timelines, resource schedules, equipment requirements, budgets, and estimates for prospective jobs.​​

  • Worked as offsite support to installation teams in the field, assessing immediate issues, providing support, answers, and equipment as needed.

  • Worked with vendors to budget new equipment and supplies.

  • Undertook management of special projects, infrastructure, research, and planning efforts as requested.

  • Oversaw and managed inventory of internal photo/film studio for product and client approval shoots.

  • Authored and distributed project documentation, including the scope of work, install guides, inspection/maintenance reports (daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly), maintenance and repair procedures (figure finish, mechanical, electrical, etc.), general care/cleaning guides, troubleshooting guides, and all prescribed preventative/corrective maintenance documents.


  • Orchestrated 16 extensive 1-3 year projects from kickoff to delivery and 20+ refabrication-based projects with international clients, including Universal Studios, Disney, Warner Brothers, Feld, and Nickelodeon​


Dinosaurs Roam Where Elephants Stood

2015 - 2017

Workplace Resource is a commercial interior design firm/high-end furniture dealership providing superior service to its corporate, academic, and design industry clients throughout Massachusetts.

Responsibilities Included:

Designed bid proposal packages and supporting promotional materials for the sales staff. Worked with vendors to update and curate holdings of finishes, textiles, and marketing materials.

Additional responsibilities:

  • Provided a high level of customer service to staff, vendors, business partners, and guests while also acting as the client interface.

  • Maintained a directory of customers, suppliers, contractors, and subcontractors.

  • Assisted project management team on the early project phases with creating responses to RFI's, RFQ's, and RFP's.


  • Developed presentations that highlighted holdings and promoted the use of innovative materials.

2013- 2017

Josh Kigner Design is a full service theatrical design firm that managed teams of designers, artisans, and technicians; Services ranged from large Broadway style multi-changing scenery, small independent film, immersive fringe theatre, and specialty fabrication.

  • Live Event/Exhibit Design

  • Graphic/Print Design

  • CAD Design

  • Custom Fabrication


Received excellent reviews from clients including Connecticut Repertory Company, Emerson Cabaret, Fort Point Theatre Channel, Stoneham Theatre and New York International Fringe Festival.


Any Way You Slice It – FoamCoat