2017 - 2020

Animax Designs is a creative robotics fabrication firm known for creating animatronic characters utilizing cutting-edge technology and craftsmanship. Animax serves some of the largest operators in the world of themed entertainment, live attractions, and location-based entertainment.

Responsibilities Included:

Oversaw numerous aspects of both internal and external documentation. Duties began on the kickoff of a project, managing each department's documentation process,  delegating needed coordination, and then writing/updating the final record. This work continued through the entire build, maintaining written and chronological photo/video documentation of builds as part of the progress reports, documentation deliverables and concluded with the production of comprehensive operations and maintenance manuals.

Additional responsibilities included:

  • Running meetings.

  • Writing/creating graphics for end-user documentation/in-house logistics documentation/sales presentation materials/project proposals/ client-facing progress reports.

  • Managing both the digital and physical asset resource library.

  • Preparing estimates and proposals for prospective jobs.

  • Providing documentation-based solutions to gaps found in the production process.

  • Managing an internal photo/film studio for product and client approval shoots.


  • Standardized the systems of documentation and communication between the numerous departments within the organization.  

  • Orchestrated 16 extensive projects from kickoff to delivery with international clients, including Disney, Universal Studios, Warner Brothers, Feld, and Nickelodeon.

  • Modernized and implemented client/IP (intellectual property) holder approval process through photography, videography, aerial drones, and numerous other color/material/scale identification reference materials.


Dinosaurs Roam Where Elephants Stood

2015 - 2017

Workplace Resource is a commercial interior design firm/high-end furniture dealership providing superior service to its corporate, academic, and design industry clients throughout Massachusetts.

Responsibilities Included:

Designed bid proposal packages and supporting promotional materials for the sales staff. Worked with vendors to update and curate holdings of finishes, textiles, and marketing materials.


  • Renovated and cataloged material sample library.


  • Developed presentations that highlighted holdings and promoted the use of innovative materials.

2013- 2017

Josh Kigner Design is a full service theatrical design firm that managed teams of designers, artisans, and technicians; Services ranged from large Broadway style multi-changing scenery, small independent film, immersive fringe theatre, and specialty fabrication.


Received excellent reviews from clients including Connecticut Repertory Company, Emerson Cabaret, Fort Point Theatre Channel, Stoneham Theatre and New York International Fringe Festival.


Any Way You Slice It – FoamCoat

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